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What Is A Watchlist?

Your Performer Notification watchlist makes it easy for you to monitor your favorite live cam models:

View your favorite live cam models status anywhere

As long as you have access to the internet, your watchlist is the one location that provides you with the live status of your top 100 cam models. No more browsing to different cam networks to see when your favorites come online.

Keep your lists in sync with WatchSync™

If you have tried our Performer Notification desktop application and want to be able to manage your favorites list online or locally, even on multiple computers, WatchSync™ technology makes all this possible. Once you configure WatchSync™, just add or remove models from your watchlist or from your desktop application and your lists will be kept automatically in sync!

If you haven't tried out our desktop application then download it now and find out what 1,000's of satisfied users are raving about!