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  • Languages:English
  • Description:I'm a very sexy Black man who loves to tease. I enjoy many things (i.e. strip teasing, strip dancing, masturbation, and an intellectual conversation), and am willing to try anything once. I love to please a woman, so just ask and you shall receive ;-)
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  • Height: 5 to 5'3 (150 to 160cm)
  • Age: 18-19
  • Sexual Preference: Straight
  • Weight: 120 to 140 lbs (55 to 63kg)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Turn Ons: Hearing a "real" moan or scream from a woman, seeing a woman (clothed or not), pretty much anything.
  • Why Me: You can have me do just about anything ;-), you can talk about anything with me (literally...I consider myself to be an intellectual)...or both if you prefer.
  • Fantasies: I'm sitting on my bed meditating, with the lights dim enough to provide a nice little glow around the room. Hearing a knock on the door I open my eyes, stand up, walk over, and open it. You step inside...saying nothing. I close the door behind us, but as I walk past you, you give off a slight huff causing me to stop and turn towards you in question. Looking at me you smile viciously while walking towards me causing me to slightly squint my eyes and back up warily. Once I reach the bed you push me onto it, and mount me while holding my arms above my head. My eyes flash with a hint of danger as I smile darkly. Pushing your hips into mine, causing my cock to respond greatly, you reach down and nip my lower lip. My eyes glaze over with pleasure from the double stimulus letting slip a low growl that rumbles throughout the room. You giggle slightly, and squeeze my arms hard enough to cause pain while reaching down for another nip...this time leaning further for a deeply intimate kiss. You slip your tongue in causing me to moan which sends shivers down your spine. Your grip loosens and noticing this I reach up and wrap my arms around your neck. Pulling you closer into the kiss I roll over and mount you, pinning your arms to the side. Pushing my throbbing cock against your vagina, I lower my mouth and kiss the side your neck sending a blinding shiver down your spine. I let out a low moan, noting your pleasure, and take in the scent of your lovely neck. My eyes glow with lust as I close my teeth lightly around your neck. Moving my hand to the nape of your neck I bite harder, and my eyes roll upwards in pleasure as I hear you moan beautifully in response. Rolling you back on top of me I unhook your bra in one smooth motion and pull off your shirt as well as mine. Sitting up I kiss the center of your chest deeply before moving my lips lightly and slowly to your breast. One flick of the tongue on your nipple causes you to jolt slightly. Holding my mouth lightly around your nipple I let out a low moan. The vibrations fill you with a weirdly satisfying pleasure. Enjoying the pleasure you lean your head back and arch your back. Massaging your breast with one hand I move my mouth to the other, and begin to suck on and play with it using quick flicks of my tongue. You bite your lower lip trying to hold back a moan, but it slips out filling the room with its sweet, sensual sound. Flipping you onto your back again I slowly take off your pants while kissing your body from starting from the center of your chest and work my way down. Reaching your vagina I sit up and remove my pants while admire it's beauty. Caressing it with my hand, I look up only to find you staring at me with fiery eyes. My eyebrow twitches and I smile. You reach down, grab my hand, and set it on one of your thighs. Swaying your hips back and forth, in a very attractive way, you begin play with your vagina and close your eyes, taking in the pleasure. I bend forward and begin to kiss and lick your thighs, heightening your sensual pleasure. You begin to breath heavily. I move off to the side and make out with you while playing with your boobs. The kisses travel slowly down the side of your neck and back to the middle of your chest before reaching your nice, hard nipples. Noticing that your moans are turning into little squeaks, I move back between your legs, and move your hand. I bend forward and use my tongue to play with your clit while my hands dance wonderfully around your nipples. You can't take it anymore and you begin to scream. My tongue flicks faster and faster, and you clench as you begin to reach climax. Screaming at the top of your lungs you jolt into an orgasm. Smiling, I watch your shaking body as your breathing begins to slow. I lean over and kiss you softly. My cock glides easily into your wet vagina sending a bolt of searing pleasure up your body. Kissing you intimately I slowly glide in and out, letting the pleasure increase again. You rub your hands on my back, and I move slightly faster. You begin to moan again as the pleasure increases greatly. I pound hard once every few thrusts causing you to squeak loudly. You dig your nails into my back and push your hips upward, urging me on. I begin to pound hard and evenly, sending pulsating waves of pleasure throughout your body. You start screaming as you begin to reach climax again. Noting this I pound so hard and fast I have to hold you to keep you from falling off the bed. Screaming at an octave neither of use knew you could reach, you orgasm so hard your whole body jolts and I give one final thrust and orgasm with you as you collapse. Completely exhausted you give into the depths of your mind, and fall into the best, deepest sleep you will ever have...
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