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Frequently Asked Questions

Performer Status
What is Performer Notification?
Performer Notification is how live cam fans stay in touch with their favorite models. By using either the online watchlist or the desktop application you will know exactly when your favorite performers are online, and will save time, wait less and chat more. PerformerSync™ technology updates the live model status in near real-time so you know instantly when a model comes online. Check it out now and see why Performer Notification has been called The Ultimate Member’s Tool.
How many performers can I track?
You can now track 100 performers with Performer Notifictation! If you find that isn't enough, you hardcore player you, send us a note and let us know so we can consider raising that limit in future versions.
What sites does Performer Notification support?
So damn many that we had to create a separate page to list them all!
Do I have to be a member of these sites to use Performer Notification?
No, but that's where all the fun is... If you are a non-member you can still use Performer Notification. To go to the non-member chat area, right-click on a performer in the Performer Window and select Go to non-member chat.
How can Performer Notification be free? How do you make your money?
We are able to offer Performer Notification at no cost to our users because we are paid by the performer networks to provide this service. Users of Performer Notification are able to find their favorite performers more quickly and easily, providing obvious benefit to both user and performer alike. Enjoy Performer Notification with complete confidence that it will remain a free service to end-users. You can help us out by making sure you always click through our links, either on our website or in the desktop application, when you buy credits from the cam networks. Thank you!
Do I have to install the desktop application to use Performer Notification?
It depends on what features you want to use. You can use the online performer directory without doing anything else at all. To get your own watchlist where you can view the live online status of your favorite performers all in one place, you need to either register online or install the desktop application. To get the very fastest performer status notifications and instant desktop alerts, without even opening your browser, and enjoy the very best Performer Notification experience, you need to install the desktop application. To use WatchSync™ for the ultimate ease-of-use and seamless integration of local and online watchlists from anywhere, you need to have the desktop application installed and be registered online as well. All of this is, of course, 100% free.
Does the Performer Notification application contain spyware/malware/adware?
No. Performer Notification is 100% free of any spyware, malware, adware, crapware, evil-ware, or any other such nasty stuff. Totally safe. No hidden pop-up ads or other trash waiting to surprise you. Zip. Nada. We want users to have a great experience using Performer Notification so you wont find any of that garbage here!
Why do certain performers have No Image instead of their thumbnail?
This can happen for many reasons. When you add a new performer to your buddy list we attempt to download their image from their profile. If there is a problem for any reason during this process we will substitute No Image in place of their photo.
I have an idea for a new feature. Where can I suggest it?
We love to hear from our users, especially if they have ideas on how we can make Performer Notification better. Please send us feedback at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.
Performer Status
Can I keep all my watchlists in sync?
Very easily. With WatchSync™ all of your watchlists will always be kept in sync, online, in your desktop application, even on multiple computers!
Can I turn off alerts?
Of course. Right-click the Performer Notification icon in the System Tray, and select Options from the Tools menu. Then uncheck the box that says Display alert when performer comes online and click OK.
Can I have a more discreet alert (with no images)?
Yes. Right-click the Performer Notification icon in the System Tray, and select Options from the Tools menu. Then uncheck the box that says Show performer picture in alert and click OK.
I added a performer who is online and they appear to be offline in the Performer Window. Is there a problem?
Sometimes it can take a few minutes for a new performer to display correctly. This is normal and the status should be reflected correctly after a few minutes.
When I click on a performer who is online in Performer Notification they are in private or member chat on the cam site. Why is this?
  • There is sometimes a small delay in reporting performer status, particularly with new performers.
  • Sometimes the cam networks do not provide status information in a timely manner. We are working with them to resolve this for future releases.
  • Some performers are very popular, so move quick!
Why can't I see if a performer is in private or member chat on all cam networks?
Not all of the cam networks have this information available. We are working with them in order to provide this level of detail in future releases.
What operating systems does the Performer Notification application support?
We have extensively tested on Windows Vista and Windows XP, as well as many other versions of Windows.
Will I be notified when a new version of Performer Notification is available?
Yes. Performer Notification automatically notifies you as soon as a new version of the application is available for download.
Can I check if there is a new version of Performer Notification manually?
Yes. Right-click the Performer Notification icon in the System Tray, and select Check for Updates from the Tools menu.
Do I have to upgrade to the latest version of Performer Notification?
We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Older versions of the application will not be supported for very long after the new version is released. This may result in older versions no longer functioning as intended.
Do I have to uninstall the previous version of Performer Notification before I upgrade?
No. After downloading the latest version of Performer Notification simply double click the install file. During the course of the upgrade the old version will be uninstalled and the new version installed in its place.
Will my current performer list be saved when I upgrade?
Yes. The upgrade process preserves your performer list.
How do I uninstall Performer Notification?
While we hope that you never need to, removing Performer Notification is very simple. On the Start Menu, go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. Then select Performer Notification and click Remove. That’s it.
I haven't uninstalled Performer Notification, but when I try to launch the application I get an error saying that Performer Notification can't be found. What is wrong?
One possible explanation for this is that your installation has become corrupted in some way. Another possible explanation is that another user on your computer uninstalled Performer Notification for their user account. The solution to this problem, regardless of the cause, is to run the Performer Notification installation again and select Repair when prompted for whether you would like to repair or remove the application.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.