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Configuring WatchSync™

Save time and effort with WatchSync™

WatchSync™ technology helps you keep your online and desktop application watchlists in sync by merging changes made to either list. It even works across multiple computers! You can be checking out all the newest models on your favorite cam network in the model directory, find one that you like, and all you have to do is add that model to your online watchlist and it will automatically be added to your Performer Notification desktop application at home!


With WatchSync™, any change that you make to any of your watchlists is automatically applied to all of your watchlists, even if you have the Performer Notification desktop application installed on more than one machine! As long as you have WatchSync™ configured with the same free account information your lists will always stay in perfectly in sync.

Setting up WatchSync™ is easy

Configuring WatchSync™ - Follow these easy steps and your favorites list will always be in sync:

  1. Download and install the Performer Notification desktop application
  2. Get a free account
  3. After installing the application open the Options screen by right-clicking the Performer Notification icon in the System Tray, and selecting Options from the Tools menu
  4. In the WatchSync™ section select Keep my local and online watchlists in sync
  5. Enter your free account login information in the user name and password fields (do not enter your account information information from a cam network)
  6. Click OK

That's it! Now your watchlists will automatically be kept in sync!