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Performer Notification Desktop Application

Model status at a glance and instant live alerts right on your desktop

We've designed Performer Notification to be easy to use and familiar to those who have used any of the popular IM clients. Installation takes just a few minutes, and best of all, it's 100% free!

Performer Notification runs in your computer's System Tray, and shows a small red PN icon when it is running. Startup options for Performer Notification are configurable in the Options dialog, as shown further below.

You can launch the main Performer Window by double-clicking the PN icon in your System Tray, or by right-clicking the icon and selecting Show Performers from the menu that appears. This menu also contains entries for the configuration, management and support of Performer Notification.

Performer Window

Easy-to-Use Interface

The main Performer Window allows you to view the online status of the models in your list, join a live chat, view a performer's profile, and add or remove performers to your list.

The application ships with some of our favorite cam network's hottest live models already in your list. These are just to get you started; feel free to remove performers from your list and, of course, add new performers to it as you please.

Chat Live

Chat live with any performer that is online by double-clicking the performer's image or screen name in your list, or right-clicking and selecting Chat Live Now!, or, if you have alerts enabled, by clicking on the online alert for that performer. This will launch your default web browser and take you directly to the performer's live cam show in a single action. Advanced options control whether you go to free chat or member chat.

View Profile

View the profile of any performer in your list by right-clicking the performer's image or screen name and selecting View Performer's Profile. Your default web browser will be launched and you will be taken directly to the performer's profile page.

Adding and Removing Performers

Add a performer to your list by entering the performer's screen name in the text box at the top of the window and clicking the Check button. The performer will be added to your list and their current online status displayed.

Remove a performer from your list by right-clicking the performer's image or screen name and selecting Remove Performer from the menu.



Configure Performer Notification to act just the way you want by customizing startup options, alert options, and the main window display mode by right-clicking the PN icon and selecting Options from the Tools menu. You can control whether to display performer images, whether to show alerts, whether Performer Notification is launched automatically, whether to synchronize your watchlists with WatchSync™, and other options from this window.


Performer Notification will automatically notify you if there is a new version available. You can also manually check for updates by right-clicking the PN icon and selecting Check for Updates from the Tools menu.

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